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CDMX Ámsterdam 68 Col. Hipódromo

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Arq. Javier Sánchez
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Ámsterdam 68
por Gastón Porte

Located in an automobile circuit full of culture that surrounds one of the most famous parks of the Condesa neighborhood, this development has enviable balconies that serve as the culmination of the design of spacious apartments where depth is essential. Close to a series of groves and green spaces that allow the most intrinsic connection that a building can have with nature, especially by the fern buttresses that look like vindication of botanical abundance in a concrete mass. In a corner of Mexico City and in a space full of properties for sale, an additional project to the catalog of JSa Promotora flourishes in conjunction with its neighborhood life: Amsterdam 68. Surrounded by recognized restaurants of the CDMX and some of the centers more prolific cultural in recent years, this property represents, with its architectural design, the quality and accuracy of the land it occupies in the capital of Mexico.

The Plaza Condesa, the Albert Einstein Monument, the House of Gaga Art Gallery, the BlackBerry Auditorium, the El Foco Cultural Center, Plaza Insurgentes, Plaza Popocatépetl and Parque España, are some of the most popular neighbors surrounding the building of the suburb Condesa from JSa. Thousands of nearby cafés are offered to tenants, a large number of cultural public spaces are within reach of their occupants, and a high number

Amsterdam 68 is a project that allows the natural environment of the colony to escape into the interior of the building. Create a natural conversation between Mother Earth and her guests in an interesting context built by the building. The ramifications and the extensions of concrete merge, mix, transform into something new, in a building that faces the routine; It is a property of the Condesa neighborhood that prefers to be free -in a complex city- and elegant to be incorporated with its surrounding buildings.

Due to the elementary limitations – regarding the maximum height under construction – that exist in the ground foundation regulations of the Condesa, the design of the property was an important challenge for the team of architects of JSa, commanded by Javier Sánchez and Benedikt Fahlbusch. The rules were followed and the key ideas followed the objective: optimize the spaces to maximize the potential of the departments.

The project receives its guests with a refined lobby full of endemic species of flora and concrete textures in its walls. With an interesting stairway, residents can access the dream apartments. These are projects that show the distinctive feature of the building: large terraces that allow an amplified perspective of the size of the room. In addition, the elongated windows allow a more pleasant view of the towering surrounding trees of the building.

The complex made of concrete and architectural quality materials, is another JSa project that allows a series of unique experiences in the field of culture and art. Its symmetry reflects the dedication employed in the initial sketches, in the original designs of its architects. You admire the green spaces that surround the resident, those that awaken the sensation of being in a new place, a unique and natural space. The wide windows are understood, those that allow the entrance of lights and games of illumination in an ecstasy that shocks the trained observer.

The figures that form the building and how they achieve the correct use of the spaces, in the singular arrangement that only a project authorship of Sánchez-Fahlbusch usually presents as an argument. The project connects nature with the urban, a true example of the primary objective: to build a city.

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